Knoll Lowney

Knoll Lowney's practice focuses on initiative law and public policy, complex land use cases, and consumer class actions.

Knoll has extensive experience working with non-profit organizations and individuals to advance progressive causes.   He advises his clients on a wide range of issues, including litigation and grassroots strategy, public policy development, and public communications.  Knoll also has developed an expertise in initiative law, and has authored dozens of statewide and local initiatives for the progressive community. He has also challenged several harmful initiatives before the Washington State Supreme Court.

Knoll has helped communities throughout Washington protect their local environment and quality of life from harmful land uses.   He specializes in helping communities develop long-term strategies to stop harmful land uses or mitigate their impacts. These strategies include using all available state and federal laws and political, media and grassroots strategies. On behalf of his clients, Knoll has successfully defeated or significantly altered major public and private land use projects. He also participates in his firm's extensive portfolio of citizen suits under the federal Clean Water Act.   Knoll recently helped to negotiate a $1.5 million penalty from Burlington Northern Santa Fe, which is believed to be the largest penalty ever received by a citizens' suit over stormwater pollution.

Knoll has also represented millions of consumers in nationwide class actions targeting corporate abuse.   Knoll's cases have resulted in major settlements providing tens of millions of dollars of compensation to consumers and/or charities.

Knoll has campaigned for a wide range of other issues relating to the environment, peace and opposition to war, prison and sentencing reform, and numerous other social justice issues.

Before forming Smith & Lowney, PLLC, with Richard Smith in 1996, Knoll practiced law at Preston Gates & Ellis in Seattle. He earned his law degree from New York University in 1993 after graduating from the Evergreen State College in 1990. Knoll was born in Seattle and attended Garfield High School.

When not working, Knoll can probably be found with his wife and kids. Hopefully doing something fun.



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